After School Clubs at Fogarty offer a wide variety of activities to all students (grades K-5). 
Clubs vary depending on volunteer participation and budget.

Examples of clubs held in the past include:
Legos                                         Martial Arts                 Drawing
Board Games                           Dance                            Yoga
Outdoor Play                            Book Clubs                  Scrapbooking
Nature Crafts                           Basketball                     Robotics
Holiday Crafts                          Zumba                          Science
Nature Trail Walks                  Book Buddies              Puzzles

We are always in need of adults who are willing to share their skills or interests to provide fun and interesting after-school activities. No experience is needed; some clubs simply need adult supervision and allows the kids some structured play time or activity.

Please respond below if you are interested in leading a club or let us know if you are willing to be a helper:

Do you need a helper?

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